Borowski Summer Festival 2019

Borowski Summer Festival 2019

Our summer festival 2019 was a huge success. Despite the great heat, many have found their way to us and shared their enthusiasm for the glass art event with us. Your praise is our biggest award, thank you for that!

Special Edition “ODD BIRDS”

The focus of the festival was the special edition of the “ODD BIRDS”, a homage to famous personalities of the 20th century by the artists at Borowski. The special edition includes 12 new OUTDOOR OBJECTS that parody world-famous celebrities of art, music, science and entertainment in a humorous way.

Art in park and gallery

The park of the estate Wintermühlenhof with beautiful light installations and artistic sculptures made of glass and steel as well as unique masterpieces by Pawel and Stani Jan Borowski in the Continuum Gallery rounded off the offer.