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Stanislaw Borowski - glass bowl

From the garage workshop to the world-renowned brand

Stanislaw Borowski (born in 1944 in Moutiers, France) laid the foundation for today’s Borowski glass manufacture for hand-blown and handcrafted glass over 40 years ago. Initially he created his own special ideas in a garage: Using almost forgotten techniques for engraving on cameo glass, self-made tools and new art concepts, Stanislaw Borowski knew just what he wanted, and his extraordinary pictures and sculptures soon received international acclaim This led to exhibitions in Germany – Kassel, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, – as well as in the USA, the Netherlands and Japan.

In 1990, together with his two eldest sons, Pawel and Wiktor, he founded the Glasstudio Borowski GmbH. In view of the resounding success of the Borowski works of art, however, the studio in Hennef near Bonn soon turns out to be too small. After extensive renovation of a property at Boleslawiec, Stanislaw moved the family’s residence and the glass studio to Poland in 1992. Three artists are now working for the Borowski brand in the new glass studio: Stanislaw, Pawel and Stani Jan. Pawel Borowski runs the artist’s studio and the glass manufacture. Wiktor Borowski stays in Germany and leads the sales, logistics and management of the family business in the head office in Königswinter.

Today many of the masterpieces created by Stanislaw, Pawel and the youngest of the three Borowski brothers, Stani Jan, can be seen in renown galleries, collections and museums – for example the Corning Museum of Glass in New York State, certainly the most important Glass Museum in the world. In addition, they are developing 3 stylistically incomparable collections for home accessories, outdoor objects and art objects in small series. The colorful and vivid Borowski Collections can be found worldwide in selected exclusive shops and in the Borowski galleries themselves.