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Exhibition of Borowski OUTDOOR OBJECTS

Borowski in the Botanical Gardens

Borowski OUTDOOR OBJECTS in the Botanical Gardens of the City of Bonn 2014

10:10 min
German with English subtitles

Exhibition of Borowski Light Objects

Borowski at the Bonn Culture Night

Borowski light objects in the greenhouses of the botanical gardens in Bonn 2006

06:27 min

More Videos

We have put together a few more videos for you here: presentations of individual items or entire collections, specials on the ODD BIRDS or stories from the Borowski Christmas Factory.
Have fun!


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Borowski Glass Studio
From sandy raw material to valuable crystal beauty in bright colors Glass Studio Borowski is one of the leading companies
From the garage workshop to the world-renowned brand Stanislaw Borowski (born in 1944 in Moutiers, France) laid the foundation for

LOVE, PASSION AND PERFECTION It is fascinating that each and every one of these light, bright and colourful unique pieces