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TAWNY | Light object owl

TAWNY & TAWNY FAT | Light Object Owl

Some find it eerie, for others it is a symbol of wisdom. There is hardly an animal that has fascinated mankind for thousands of years and that is the subject of as many legends as the owl. And there is hardly any other Borowski object that wins as many sympathies as TAWNY. When this special owl glows in the dark, young and old alike are fascinated.

What is TAWNY's secret?
We'll tell you.

3 reasons why TAWNY is so popular:

1. TAWNY has Charisma

TAWNY has virtually invented the term "ambience".

Whether you offer your owl as a habitat an old masonry, a bush or a place by the fireplace or in the winter garden, TAWNY will spread there its special mood or aura. As a nocturnal animal, the owl prefers shady places. This is also where TAWNY's charisma comes into its own, because it can shine beautifully there.


While their living role models like to be loners, TAWNY is thick with her best buddy TAWNY FAT.



TAWNY & TAWNY FAT beim Goodwood Revival Festival

TAWNY and TAWNY FAT like to go out together, either uniformly colored in a partner look or individually in amber or white, just as the mood takes them.

But sometimes they amaze even the connoisseurs: Occasionally our owls leave their habitat in the countryside and find themselves cool at festivals or in stylish surroundings.

3. TAWNY also fits on your bedside table

TAWNY and TAWNY FAT are explicitly designed for year-round outdoor use, but of course there's nothing wrong with giving your owl a warm spot in your living room. Due to the size and girth of the two owls, they are well suited as floor lamps.

You prefer a smaller object as a table lamp?

There is a solution for this as well: