Not at all scary, the light object VAMPY ensures cozy evenings outdoors, by your fireplace or wherever you hang up or put down this artistically crafted bat.
The high-quality hand-blown glass body glows in the warm shades of amber, olive or red. The wings and base are made of powder-coated steel and decorated by hand.
Each piece is unique: the manual processing creates many details that give each object its individual character.

The object features at a glance:

Height: 47 cm
Length: 75 cm
Width: 32 cm
Colors: olive, red-orange, white
Materials: blown glass, powder coated steel
Handcrafted, each glass object is unique

Your new favorite

The inimitable Borowski sculptures are highly sought after by art lovers. Each object is a handcrafted and differs from others in subtleties and details. Convince yourself of the special attraction of the objects and let your favorite piece leave its impression on you! Maybe you too can feel the magic that every single piece of art by Borowski can trigger!