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Light object | amber

Dimensions 53 × 35 × 46 cm

Light Object

Light object | amber

46 x 53 x 35 cm

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Are you lucky!

Everyone will envy you this happy glass pig that will bring color, light and happiness to your outdoor area.


Height: 46 cm
Length: 53 cm
Width: 35 cm
Color: amber
Material: blown glass
Handcrafted, each glass object is unique

BOROWSKI Light Objects

Every outdoor area gains quality through light, because brightness creates a feeling of security and creates an atmospheric ambience.

Our light objects are developed as outdoor sculptures and withstand the influences of wind and weather all year round without any problems. Of course they can also be used indoors.

Noble, atmospheric and somehow magical

Give your favorite place in the garden or on the balcony a magical touch! Whether as a cheerful eye-catcher between your flowers, a leading art object on your lawn or imaginative and original in the branches of a tree … there are no limits to your creativity. In summer they invite you to linger with their atmospheric light. In winter they resist frost and darkness and ensure a good mood with their strong colors and warm light.

The light objects are equipped with 6 meters of external cable.
The bulbs are included.



OUTDOOR OBJECTS - Borowski collection


Sunny and safe – in all weathers.

The friendly figures and characters of the OUTDOOR OBJECTS provide “fabulous” encounters in gardens and parks – in the true sense of the word. As if from another world chameleons, birds, armadillos, and all sorts of creatures appear – bringing a little piece of their world into our own. Whether it is as cheerful and lively wind chime, lustrous light object, or as a colourful sculpture made of glass and rusty steel, the OUTDOOR OBJECTS create a wonderful link to their environment – inviting their owners to smile, dream and linger. These highly individual, happy visitors will enliven your garden or balcony and give your favourite spot a very special magic. The OUTDOOR OBJECTS are weatherproof and can stand outside all year long. All these art objects are handmade and hand blown with the utmost care.

Safety Instructions

When fastening your object, you should make sure that it stands securely and does not wibble or tip over, even in wind or knocks. Use the mounting eyelets we provide for this purpose. Position your object so that it is safe from falling rocks or braking branches. Keep in mind that the objects are very heavy due to their quality and protruding parts (e.g. beaks, eyes, ears, tails, crowns) are not suitable as handles.  

Manual Work

In the case of hand-blown and traditionally handmade glass objects, minor color and shape deviations may occur.For reasons of manufacture these are inevitable. Air pockets in the glass are a sign of handmade manufacturing and not to be considered as imperfections. There may be deviations of a few centimeters in the size specifications.


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