A cute crocodile

The long white teeth have gaps and the amber-colored googly eyes look at you faithfully … you instantly succumb to this crocodile. It also eats out of your hand and swallows everything you entrust to it. As a bonboniere, GATOR knows how to present gummy bears, toffees and the like, and in the bathroom he likes to receive hair ties, clips and cotton pads. But even with an empty stomach, it cuts a great figure as a decoration. You can’t imagine a peppier, friendlier and more useful crocodile!

Do you like little monsters? Combine GATOR with FUGU, DINO and CROCODILE!


The object features at a glance:

Height: 27 cm
Length: 24 cm
Width: 18 cm
Colors: amber, green, olive
Material: blown glass
Collection: STUDIO LINE
Handcrafted, each glass object is unique


Tasteful and trend-conscious for your lifestyle

In the designs for the STUDIO LINE collection, Borowski creates a connection between art and lifestyle. The distinctive style is exceptional, timeless and modern. The objects in your living room will attract attention! Place a single piece on a sideboard or table and leave room for the effect. You can also relate several pieces of a series to each other (e.g. CHICKDEE TALL and CHICKADEE SMALL). Or combine different models with each other in matching colors (e.g. ANTILOPE amber and CHACO amber).

Don’t be afraid of colors! Even if a harmonious interior design can be achieved quickly with monochrome tones, playing with home accessories in strong colors can give the room more freshness and pizzazz.