Brisk light source for inside and outside

With a quiff and a foot that resembles a skate board a bit, SLOW BOB might evoke nostalgic memories of the 50s / 60s in some viewers. Others see the luminous snail animal as a peaceful alien life form. Still others are happy about the decelerating message of the snail. But everyone agrees on one thing: SLOW BOB inspires the imagination and makes us smile.
With loving craftsmanship, the glassmakers at Borowski create this good-natured and enjoyable light object that wants to populate terraces, gardens and living rooms as a joyful highlight.
Tip: The fidele light dispenser looks particularly good on the veranda or at the front door. Indoors, the lighting object can be perfectly complemented with the SLOW JIM or SLOW JACK vases.


The object features at a glance:

Height: 60 cm
Length: 43 cm
Width: 25 cm
Colors: beige, amber, yellow
Materials: blown glass, powder coated steel
Handcrafted, each glass object is unique


Your new favorite

Borowski’s glass art can only be found in a few selected shops and galleries. The inimitable glass objects and sculptures are therefore highly desirable among art lovers. Each piece is a handcrafted unique piece and differs from others in subtleties and details. Convince yourself of the special attraction of the objects and let your favorite piece leave its impression on you! Perhaps you too can feel the magic that every single Borowski work of art can trigger.